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Victor F. Green Sr.

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Goodman Green Wealth Management specializes in the Universe of Income Generating StrategiesAmericans born in or before 1966-"The Income Generation"- can help establish a renewable source of income they can count on throughout retirement, while trying to preserve the value of their original investment.



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  • Establish Consistent Streams of income you can count on
  • Better Preserve your retirement savings for economic uncertainties
  • Maximize Your Growth Potential- With Less Risk Than Traditional Stock Market -Based Plans

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Learn strategies for combating the only real financial risk that exists for most retirees, a future reduction in your standard of living.


For retirement success, income is the key. And when it comes to income, what is most prized is stable, permanent income that is tax efficient and will increase to offset inflation.


A focus on optimizing your Social Security could result in significant additional income at a time in your life when you’ll need it the most .learn about retirement, spousal and survivor benefits, and ways to maximize Social Security's total lifetime benefit.


One approach is to switch to risky securities and hope for an increase in yields. But this can mean greater exposure to market fluctuations and a higher risk of investment losses. 

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Victor F. Green Sr.

Investment Advisor Representative

When it comes to today's market environment, informed investors are employing the concept of a more sustainable income portfolio. Renewable income solutions wont require you to cannibalize the principal balance of your nest egg.  Instead, you can place your hard-earned savings in investment strategies that help generate consistent streams of income, while helping to ensure the return of your original principal.


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